MP Sport


Our passion for classic cars and youngtimers spawned a desire to compete on the race track with them.


In 2000, the first car which we took part in amateur competition was Fiat 131 Mirafiorii Sport 2000. Next classic cars participating in the race are:
Fiat 125p 1500 with bigger valves (inlet and outlet) and lower suspension,
Opel Kadett D2000 with 2 WEBER 40 carburetors,
Russian Wołga with nice visual tuning,
And very hard tuned up VW T3



It was, however, individual trips but over the next four years we started a bit more modified Fiat 131 Mirafiorii 1600 (4 door). It was our first race car which convinced us to build more advanced race vehicle. And so it happened.


Currently we are racing with a rally Fiat 125p 2000. It is a vehicle which gives us the most fun to drive and the greatest opportunity to train our racing skills. . It is after all a light car, 140HP and RWD!


For drivers who do not have experience in driving RWD cars (rear-wheel drive) can be a difficult and sometimes even dangerous but after some training we assure You that it is the biggest fun and satisfaction. Because as said some well known racer: it is no trick to catch flies with windshield, the trick is to catch them with side window!!!


We sincerely recommend:

Mariusz Podlejski

Michał Jagusiak

 Konrad Nowak



Classicauto track day:







Classicauto track day: