Chevrolet Pickup

20121014 144729Technical data:
Manufactured: 1953 r.
Engine capacity: 2500 cm3

Engine power: 143 KM
Weight: +-2000

Description of work:



Chevrolet Pickup 53 'is a project made in our subsidiaries located in London. The whole project is based on the body of a 50s but components came from the modern car. This is exactly Mazda BT 50 4x4. Drive system was completely devoid of front-wheel drive which allowed for additional power transmitted to the rear wheels and keep the typical pickup truck chassis. The entire operation required 15cm extension of truck body to all element could match. The project is actually finished and no paint doesn’t mean that we mist next step in work but that is a trend in which it is made. The engine of this car is a 5.7 L V8 built by Moroso but it is waiting for instalation in our next project, in which you briefly to find out..  

Gallery of the vehicle:

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