Alfa Romeo GT 2000 Junior

Zdjecie0320Technical data:
Manufactured: 1975 r.
Engine capacity: 2000 cm3

Engine power: 136 KM
Weight: 995 kg


Description of work:



We present you the Alfa Romeo GT Junior that is one of the most beautiful vehicles produced in the 70s. The vehicle was almost completely rebuilt including the interior and gained new colors adorned with distinctive elements. As for the unit of engine 1600 cm3 motor replaced with a capacity of 2000 cm3. The owner wanted to increase the sporty character of the vehicle and increase the power and flexibility of the engine and….. so it happen! Engine after a total reconstruction has also been refined including by the addition of sealant on the exhaust valves. The suspension has been lowered, Bilstein shock absorbers were fitted and adjustable rods. More than average traction properties completed the Yokohama Parada Spec-2.


Gallery of the vehicle:

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