1 NSU prinz projektTechnical data:
Manufactured: 1970 r.
Engine capacity: 1240 cm3

Engine power:120 KM
Weight: 570 kg





This vehicle had been completely rebuild. After sandblasting and epoxy lacking we have rebuild main exterior elements, suspension elements and engine. We have changed cylinders, pistons, valves, valve sockets, timing rod, roller camshaft and main rod. Thanks to that we received 1200 cm3 instead of standard 1000 cm3. For an inlet are responsible 2 WEBER 40’s carburetors and the exhaust will be made from stainless steel pipes. 



This vehicle will be equipped in roll safety cage, bucket seats, 4 points seatbelts and extinguishing system. 


We will extend fenders to fit bigger wheels with sport suspension.


Because this is sport performance dedicated car everything what is unnecessary will be removed to make it lighter.


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